It is a combination of on-line synchronous and asynchronous learning methods.
It is a mix of on-line learning tools and classroom pedagogy.
These are learning activities that are done in real time with teacher either online or face to face.
These are learning activities that are done at one’s pace outside school.
A conducive learning space, good connectivity, gadget preferably laptop, desktop or smart phone.
Laptop/Desktop have better features and with bigger screen compared to smart phone.
Yes, they are very essential for activities, advance reading and assignments.
Subject teachers would provide learning modules to the students that is why textbooks are very important. The learning modules are self-directed. Teachers would also provide pre-recorded videos of the lesson. These are to be picked up by parents in SJAI Office on scheduled dates.
They will serve as the school partners in supervising the schooling of their child at home.
Yes, basically power interruption is announced, therefore the teacher may give asynchronous activities.
Yes, inform your adviser/ subject teacher ahead of time through social media, so he/she could provide you asynchronous activities.

Definitely. But teacher would still observe minimal number of students per group.

Assessments would be given in real time. Further explanation of this procedure will be explained before the quarterly assessments
SJAI will still follow the usual class schedules. Classes start at 7 AM ends at 11:30 AM, resume at 1PM end at most at 4:30 PM. But every Friday, classes all end at 3PM for the Professional Learning Community of Teachers.